Jörg-Ulrich Mohnen, M.Sc., MBA

901 North Curson Ave. West Hollywood, CA 90046

Email: jmohnen@gmail.com ~ (310) 951 7331


Jorg-Ulrich Mohnen, M.Sc. MBA


Jorg Mohnen received a Bachelor in Science from Northeastern University in Boston in 1986 and an MBA from Northeastern University's School of Business Administration in 1988. Mr. Mohnen then moved to Germany to complete his master's degree in geophysics (majoring in geophysics/seismology) at the University of Stuttgart with emphasis on Volcano-Seismology. During his studies, he conducted field work on volcanic islands in the Aeolian Sea off of Sicily (Stromboli, Vulcano & Mount Etna), Italy, and developed his PhD dissertation on volcano seismology with a stipend from the Kline Geology & Geophysics department of Yale University. Much of his work involved intense use of networked computers (Linux/UNIX/Sun Solaris), database and signal processing software development, and programming. Mr. Mohnen then took his experience in computing and developed 3D Terrain Visualization algorithms in Stuttgart, Germany. These tools and plugins have been used in Tour de France animations, Olympics, Sports Events, and are now licensed and patented as WavGen 3D Technologies. In the last decade beginning in 2009, Mr. Mohnen has been the Head of Technology at the renown Jim Henson Company, integrating Unreal Engine, MOCAP Stage technologies, digital animatronics and puppetry, rendering technologies, Maya and Houdini and Studio Max work flows, Post Production and Compositing technologies, generating Henson intellectual property and tools and plugin technologies, Da Vinci and Color Correction suites, AVID and Adobe Premiere work flows, and the complete gambit of visual effects and editorial software and hardware technologies.


§ Operating Systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Centos Linux, Fedora, Redhat (also older AIX, HP, and especially SUN Solaris thru 8-10 and HP UNIX6000/9000), Mac OSX 10.x, Windows 10, Windows 2016, and networking/storage/switching.

§ Programming: Python and Mel, Max Scripting, Perl/Ruby, Tcl/Tk, C#.NET, C/C++ (Borland, Delphi and MV Studio), Google Earth APS, Javascript & JDE & applets, F77, F90, IDL (Interactive Data Language), Unix Bash and C Shell, Script and Batch, Internet Front End (VRML, XML, HTML, VBscript)

§ Code Repositories: Github, Perforce, CVS, Subversion, and ties/hooks to apache (i.e. TRAC/SVN, Git, etc…).

§ Databases: PostGreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, DB2, Oracle, Oracle Triggers and Stored Procedures, PL/SQL, Shell/Perl scripts as they apply, FileMaker, and all command line tools governing and addressing DB’s on Windows/Linux.

§ Modeling & Rendering Software: 3DS Max, Lightwave, Maya, Redshift, Vray, Mental Ray, Nuke, Shake, FinalRender, Brazil, Vray, Mental Ray, Realflow, Motion Blur technology, Autodesk VIZ, RealVIZ Fluid, Zbrush, Mudbox. Also familiar with a slew of renderque software to the aforementioned packages (i.e. Deadline, SUN GRID ENGINE, Rush, Midge, StreamerNET, Temerity Pipeline, Cubed, Spider, MentalQUE, etc...). Very familiar with AVID , Color Grading Da Vinci, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, FinalCut, LiveType, Bori, Graffiti, AppleMotion, Vegas, Avid ExpressPro, Avid Composer, Avid Nitros/Meridian, MacroMediaMX (Dreamweaver, FlashMX, etc...), and the full Adobe Software Suite (Illustrator, PhotoShop CS, etc...). All adobe products (i.e. PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc...), Adobe products (FlashMX, Dreamweaver, HomeSite), all commonly now known as Adobe Design.




Yale University, New Haven, CT                                                                                                       1995 – 1997

§PhD (still pending) in Volcano Seismology, Geology and Geophysics

§Thesis on Spatial and Amplitude Distribution of Volcanic Tremor and Effects of Stratigraphical Filtering

Stuttgart University, Stuttgart, Germany                                                                                          1992 – 1994

§ M.S. Geology & Geophysics

§ Thesis on Spatial & Temporal Distribution of Volcanic Tremor on the Island of Stromboli, Italy

Northeastern University, Boston, MA                                                                                                           1987 – 1989

§ MBA in Environmental Business Administration & Accounting

§ International CO-OP program to Arthur Andersen (see work description below)

Northeastern University, Boston, MA                                                                                                           1982 – 1986

§ Bachelor in Geology & Geophysics; Majored in Math & Sciences

§ International CO-OP program to ED Zueblin AG (see work description below)


IT Systems & Pipeline Tools & Technology Developmnt, TD Programming & Scripting                                     


• 3D runtime Technical Planning

• Amazon CS2 and Scalr Experience

• VMware scaling and Netapp Tech

• Mel, Python, Php, & Perl Scripting

• Database Development (LAMP)

• Renderman (MTOR, Alfred, Slim)

• Extensive postgreSQL mySQL noSQL

• Extensive Nagios, Munin, Cacti

• Excellent Linux Windows OSX

• Network & Storage & Rendering

• Pipeline & Workflow Design

• Max/Unreal & Maya/Unreal Int.


The Jim Henson Company, Hollywood CA                                                                                         2010-2020         

Head of Technology & Systems

•In charge of all Linux & Windows & OSX machinery, workstations, editing bays, rendering & production equipment

•Maintaining a large Linux Debian and Windows GPU/CPU render farm (Maya, Max, Redshift, GPU Rendering, etc).

•Maintaining several AVID editing bays and technologies, as well as boot scripts into Adobe Premier & Final Cut.

•Running two Da Vinci color correction and finalization systems off of our homegrown 4K flash storage systems.

•Development of runtime game engine technologies such as Unreal, Open Scene Graph, and Stingray work flows.

•All software and licensing procurement and maintenance in a VFX CG and editorial environment.

•All render queue technologies including Deadline, Rush, SUN Grid Engine, and work flows to Tactic AssetDB.

•Maintaining Windows Imaging technologies to netboot into shelved images (Rendering, 3D Workstations, Compositing)

•Nuke compositing & lighting & rendering setup on Linux, OSX, & Windows, keeping all operating systems up to date.

•Responsible for all Linux (DHCP, DNS, Bind, NamedDB, LDAP) as well as all Active[Windows] & Open[OSX] directory.

•PXE TFTP boot systems into a network centric environment, network centric installation of all technologies.

•Vendor Relations and Branding and Marketing technologies, and preparing demos and production environments.

•Running all technologies behind MOCAP using SDKs around CORTEX and programming intellectual property.

•Responsible for all Stage systems (mission control, cluster technologies, game production engines, camera systems).

•Invented and built and maintained top-of-tier storage systems based on 40G/100G Brocade and Flash technologies.

•Responsible for weekly SOWs and request systems in procuring all hardware and software to maintain running facility.

•Generation of monthly list SOW documents anticipating equipment and production needs.

•Executive meetings and production meetings briefing owners of exact weekly status of facility.

•Project by project oversight and weekly reporting & budgeting, project planning, resource allocation, & project tracking.

•Studio leadership & continued evaluation of the workflow process to ensure technology, process, and creative evolution.

•Manage centralized project vendor bidding process and evaluate bidding data for optimal ongoing results.

•Partner the Account teams in the creation process of assessments, proposals, and SOWs.

•Business development and account teams to assess and provide appropriate resources for pitches and proposals.

•Set goals, supervise, and provide clarity for projects and production priorities.

•Trusted advisor to internal stakeholders, vendors, and clients by providing technology vision for the company

•Facilitate project update meetings to brainstorm and problem-solve project challenges.

•Ensure appropriate studio needs for projects needs are met with people and and resources).

•Communicate ongoing technology needs to owners to ensure smooth production workflows & project completion dates

•Manage and guide a team of experienced staff and freelancers, producers, editors, 2D/3D motion designers & animators.

•Supervise production team to enable successful client services, including articulating client expectations

•Manage all aspects of technology and the SOW process providing project oversight through delivery.

•Actively seek, hire, onboard, and train talent and subcontractors according to production and technology needs.

•Oversee the creation and management of vendor and freelancers and all aspects of technology research & development.

•Coordinate and lead effective utilization of all studio resources and technologies.

•Provide resource forecasting of all projects, including project scope, and potential resources

•Monitor production logistics related to project profitability, studio profitability, and resource utilization.

•Maintain production database on a programmatic and technical level across MySQL and PostgreSQL and noSQL

•Provide necessary procurement information to studio and communicate accurate technology budgets.

•Rebuilt the facilities core sLDAP, DB Named, DHCP & Bind9 infrastructure

•Implemented Debian migration from 2.6.32 Debian to Debian (Wheezy v7.1) on all infrastructure

•Revamped storage including 4x Isilon nodes, 3x Sun Storage Systems, 2x Promise RAID arrays, and several XRAIDs

•Brought 45 CSSUN Workstations from Debian Squeeze to Wheezy and updated OS on all Render equipment

•Maintained the SUN Grid Engine work flow for render farm technology based on Maya/Mentalray and Maya/Vray

•Ensured that Nuke and even Shake and Maya run on latest Debian Wheezy (V7.1)

•Updated all license servers, wiki, subversion SVN, TRAC, programming technologies & ticketing systems to Wheezy

•Fixed the 22x Fast Iron X446 and 10x EdgeIron switches to support storage infrastructure and StoreTek 48 tape system

•Maintaining hardware and software licensing arrangements with all 3rd party vendors

•Hired consultants into facility and managed in house IT staff and managed international programming team

•Made appropriate recommendations for hardware and software procurement

•Purchased many client machine upgrades to beef up facility rendering needs

•Purchased many HP820Z machines with nVidia k5000/k6000 and FusionIO Technologies

•Rebuilt PXE TFTP network installations for all hardware and servers

•Initiated the JHCS DEBIAN Repository with Argonne National Laboratory and MIT EDU

•Revamped the complete NFS exporting environment to properly address all Departments

•Maintained VFX Animation & Rendering, Realtime HPCS/PCS, Database PostgrSQL & MySQL Python PHP DB Tech

•Responsible for the in-house GAME ENGINE technologies termed HPCS (High Performance Creature Shop)

•Working with programmers and developers to ensure that the HPCS and PCS engines are matched to latest Debian

•Rebuilt the complete technology foot print of the facility from front to back, guaranteeing 100% compliancy


A52 Rock Paper Scissors, Santa Monica CA                                                                                           2009 – 2010     

Systems & iTechnology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Answering daily Fogbugz request ticketing system (2D and 3D daily production needs)

§ Render farm systems analysis and monitoring and making improvements to renders

§ Backing up mySQL and FileMaker databases (mySQL Dumps and weekly backups)

§ Checked and maintained Snapshot scripts running from filer to oldfiler (SunFire Integrated Storage 60 TB)

§ Imaging OS for Mac OSX and Windows7 for render farm and workstations (VMsphere & Acronis Sphere)

§ Programmed two versions of a GUI for Job Creation (one online PHP browser variant and one with QT)

§ Maintaining and expanding on existent DCHP, DNS, and Active Directory Servers

§ Implementation and programming of cross platform rendering with CG Supervisor

§ Maintaining versioned copies of production Mel to Python (and *Perl Rush) scripts and render farm scripts

§ Maintain and enhance workstation performances (driver updates, software updates)

§ Maintain and enhancing render farm performances across golden triangle (OSX, Linux, Windows)

§ Training and maintaining on new SUN Microsystems X4170 Virtual Machine Architecture

§ Deploying render farm and workstation OS images on the Virtual Machine Architectures

§ Correspond with 3rd Party Render Engine Developers for fixing Bugs and Errors in Rendering 

§ Maya Development (including Perl RUSH, Mel Scripting, Python Scripting, Mentalray Plugins)

§ Development scripting and database links to the Nuke 2D workflow, the Shake 2D workflow and all 3D Tech

§ Procured heterogeneous networking of Windows, Linux and OSX render nodes in 64bit architecture

§ Daily interaction with the Head of Technology and producers for planning and infrastructure needs

§ Extensive deployment and use of Nagios and Spiceworks for hardware and network monitoring

§ Setup NFS and Volume mount points as needed via fstab files on heterogeneous OS (OSX, Linux, Windows)

§ Supporting 2D & 3D render pipelines (Maya Vray, Maya Mray, Nuke, After Effects, Shake, Flame/Smoke, etc)

§ Installed and implemented Maya, 3Ds Max, Mental Ray Vray, Nuke, Shake, FinalCut, and After Effects

§ Expanding the security monitoring and analysis software (Nagios, Spiceworks, Ethereal, Wire Shark, etc)

§ Maintain company source code repository using CVS, Subversion of all C#/.NET and shader code.


yU+Co Design & VFX Studio, Los Angeles, CA            (Garson Yu – garson@yuco.com)                                    2007 – 2009

Head of Technology, Systems & iTechnology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Rebuilt the complete technical workflow of this design and visual effects with a budget less that $500,000

§ Successfully upgraded, monitored and troubleshoot Linux Redhat CENTOS 2.6.9-34 based farm machines

§ Maya Development (including Perl RUSH, Mel Scripting, Python Scripting, Mentalray Plugins)

§ Development scripting and database links to the Nuke 2D workflow, the Shake 2D workflow and all 3D Tech

§ Built the Vault and Tape I/O and backup procedures for the complete 2D and 3D production in the studio

§ Procured heterogeneous networking of Windows, Linux and OSX render nodes in 64bit architecture

§ Developed a database migration from Filemaker for Tape Barcodes, for contacts database in Marketing

§ Daily interaction with the CEO, Head of Operations, and executive producers for planning and infrastructure

§ Maintained monthly budget analysis and technical reports and implemented monthly budget strategies

§ IBM's WebSphere and Google Earth API and XML (Ajax) development framework for Effects Projects

§ Developed and implemented daily systems analysis, operations and fail safe production integration

§ Directed Networking and Storage on OSX Server storage while growing RAID infrastructure (8TB to 69TB)

§ Configured OSX servers, email migration to Qmail, www migration to Apache2, FTP migration with mySQL

§ Open Directory LDAP infrastructure by implementing XSAN and SAN technologies on Q-Logic Switches

§ Setup Samba and Volume mount points as needed via niload and fstab files on heterogeneous OS

§ Designed several 2D and 3D rendering pipelines around various render queue software for production

§ Designed 3D and 2D visual effects pipelines for GIS and buildings and satellite and aerial geodata

§ Installed and implemented Maya, 3Ds Max, Mental Ray Vray, Nuke, Shake, and After Effects

§ Programmed a robust request trouble ticket system (RT) for the Help Desk staff that I manage

§ Programmed PHP Nuke as the in-house company Wikipedia pages and documented the IT infrastructure

§ Setup security monitoring and analysis software (Ethereal, Wire Shark, Earth, RT)

§ Setup and maintained company source code repository using Subversion of all C#/.NET and shader code.

§ Completed RAID migration for 2D editing and compositing as well as 3D rendering for OSX and Linux

§ Migrated facility from OSX 10.4.2 to 10.5.x (Leopard) for XSAN and Xserver and all client machines

§ Migrated 3D Flash web site to latest versions of Adobe Flash including content & action scripts

§ Implemented robotic backup strategies and emergency recovery procedures for online critical technologies (i.e. www, ftp, email/qmail, https, client dailies, storage servers, DNS, LDAP, and other mission critical tasks)


Jim Henson Company, Los Angeles CA            (Steffen Wild - steffen.wild@me.com)                             May 2007 – Oct 2007

Business Development, Systems & iTechnology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Systems support role in the digital TRON animatic virtual set pipeline.

§ Maya Development (including Perl RUSH, Mel Scripting, Python Scripting, Mentalray Plugins)

§ Renderman development including MTOR, ALFRED, SLIM integration on generic uebershaders

§ Helped head of systems with trouble shooting renders. Helped implement Renderman and Maya in post

§ Optimized Renderman (.rib’s and .tex’s) while implementing on modest storage and network topographies

§ Introduced, installed, and distributed new 64bit Linux technology for Maya and Shake

§ Contributed to weekly production meetings from render optimization reports

§ Facilitated hardware and software purchases and wrote purchase orders and supported procurement

§ Designed a workflow to image and clone Linux, Windows, and OSX operating systems

§ Implemented Wire Shark / Ethereal for TCP and UDP network optimization

§ Decrease packet losses, port analysis, prepared network review diagrams for production & render meetings

§ Implemented NAGIOS and OS specific storage monitoring tools for production

§ Trained on setting up real time mocap stage and the virtual cameras, and storage network topography


SONY Playstation 3 - SCEA, San Diego, CA      (Kevin Collins - Kevin_Collins@Playstation.sony.com)    2004 – 2007

Business Development, Systems & Technology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Optimized the distributed rendering environment at SONY Computer Entertainment of America

§ Maya Development (including Perl RUSH, Mel Scripting, Python Scripting, Mentalray Plugins)

§ Strong Mentalray pipeline development including the lighting and rendering workflows

§ Emphasis on Perl scripting and RUSH implementation, Maya & Mental Ray performance tuning

§ Implementation of a hardware / software architecture based on 64bit LINUX

§ Successfully monitored load performance on render farm machines (Rushtop, XOSview, Ethereal)

§ Monitored primary and secondary queue servers using RUSH distributing software and Temerity Pipeline

§ Successfully upgraded, monitored and troubleshoot Linux Redhat CENTOS 2.6.9-34 based farm machines

§ Assisted with job submissions and failed jobs then help troubleshoot & rerun queues

§ Responded to all render related support calls and helped implement success strategies

§ Worked with production at weekly meetings to forecast renders resources and prepare quarterly IT budgets

§ Implemented process and procedure protocols to improve workflow (i.e. Linux roll-out)

§ Developed internal tools, administrative UI's, and advance existing scripts based on developer APIs & SDKs

§ Extended a software distribution system to support next-gen environments (1080p/2K/4K)

§ Administered Clients & Servers (cross-platform): NFS, FTP, Web, DNS, Kerberos, et cetera

§ Built VMware triple boot Linux & OSX & Windows workstations and render servers and network integration

§ Tested version releases, Installing, configuring, and distributing commercial 2D/3D software

§ Integrated the optimization strategy w/ Netops, SysOps, and the IT support structure

§ Integrated next-gen highest resolution 4K textures in a pre-rendered Linux environment

§ Lead roll in optimizing the 400 CPU render farm which then led to several successful game titles

§ Game titles include KillZone, LAIR, ATV, SOCOM, MLB, WarHawk, and NBA


WavGen, Inc., Los Angeles, CA                                                                                                                        1999 – 2020

Head of Technology, Systems & Technology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Directed WavGen Software development Team for GIS and remote sensing pipelines and programming

§ Use of ERMapper, Autodesk VIZ, Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk MAP 3D, REVIT, MAP 3D, ESRI, etc...

§ Extensive use of CG software (Lightwave, Maya, 3DS, XSI, Mental Ray, Brazil, FinalRender)

§ Successfully spearheaded upstart company to combine remotely sensed data and high end rendering

§ Developed environments with 3D computer graphics and Remote Sensing software for film and TV

§ Engineered online automated IT strategy and implemented its architecture for online sales of software

§ Programmed online forum, affiliate program (B2B and B2C), and online run-time licensing (Perl on Apache)

§ Programmed in .NET/C#, Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and used subversion for source repositories

§ Online content developed on a SOLARIS 10.x SUN ULTRA II Server via Apache and SQL

§ Designed a service-oriented application and integration platform around Google Earth API’s and modules

§ Copyright protected, trademarked, and initiated patents on the software with Offner & Anderson P.C.

§ Implemented IT payment gateway and shopping cart solution using PHP predominantly Perl on SOLARIS

§ Secured financing for turnkey data visualization and implemented new e-commerce methods to track sales

§ Introduced Generally Accepted Accounting Practices and compliant year ending financials and tax strategies

§ Implemented an SAP accounting collection process commensurate with online sales of software

§ Produced company's monthly press releases and a news letter, wrote performance reports for public relations

§ Designed and executed software sales and marketing tradeshows and sales presentations.


TerraTracer, Inc., Ludwigsburg, Germany                                                                                            1997 – 2001

Head of Technology, Systems & iTechnology, Pipeline Scripting & Programming

§ Developed international 3D terrain animation software for special events, feature film, television, and IMAX

§ Invented data processing algorithms like Data Fusion algorithms on the IHS Brovery and Pan Sharpening

§ Developed processing algorithms in data preprocessing, de-hazing and atmospheric corrections

§ Implemented mosaicing and color balancing and 3D spatial wavelet database design, & data compressions

§ Visual Effects Supervisor of the Tour de France 3D Maps and stages for international television

§ Geodata organized through IGN France (Paris) Television Broadcasts between 1999-present

§ Developed TV geodata pipelines for OLN, ARD, TV1, AU1, & across Asia and Australia for sports coverage

§ Visual Effects lead for IMAX films such as "Safari 3D" and "Brain Power" produced by nWave Digital Pictures

§ Visual Effects Supervisor on the OLN and ABC "Mount Everest - Global Extremes" prime time reality show

§ Produced television commercial & special events coverage of the Mercedes Benz C-Class TV Commercials

§ Implemented and designed the multimedia lab including editing and compositing, rendering and animation


Arthur Andersen, Frankfurt, Germany                                                                                                 1990 – 1992

Business Analyst & Accountant

§ FAST I & II training in Segovia, Spain and FAST III training in Bitburg, Germany and Luxemburg

§ SAP Training on the Basis System (BC) which includes the ABAP programming language

§ Supported staff accounting year ending financials for Gubor Chocolates near Freiburg, Germany

§ Implemented SAP R3 modules and trained the administration of these modules to Gubors' accountants

§ Advised Hershey Pennsylvania on payroll and other accounts reflected in SAP modules installed

§ Facilitated communication with internal and external auditors on several mission critical assignments

§ Reports successfully translated into English and reported between USA and Europe - "Blue Book Reporting"

§ Implemented blue book suggestions to Hershey PA on pension issues and on employee and company taxes

§ Audited and administered SAP strategies into a diverse portfolio of publicly traded and privately held firms


Selected Honors & Awards                                                                                                                                     


§ Field Spectroscopy training and field work with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory                                                2001 - 2004

§ PhD Stipend recipient at Yale University between                                                                             1995 - 1997

§ Fast I & Fast II at Arthur Andersen during the summer months between                                            1990 - 1992

§ TerraTracer Best In Space Achievement Award in Terrain Visualization                                              1999 - 2000

§ WavGen Software SIGGRAPH and Mental Ray Group Los Angeles                                                    2004 - 2010




YALE UNIVERSITY Center for Earth Observation, New Haven, CT

§ Graduate coursework in remote sensing & GIS using UNIX based ERMapper & ESRI and laboratory courses

§ Gained considerable insight and knowledge into the black body theory and the radiative transfer functions

§ Used Spectral Libraries and Atmospheric correction and de-hazing algorithms on various satellite raster data


RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences - Troy, NY

§ Graduate courses in Seismology and in Exploration Geophysics that led to PHD stipend at Yale University.

§ Emphasis on all geophysical forms of exploration with emphasis on mathematics and theory and modeling

§ Extensive use of Perl, c/c++ and F77/F90 using the SUN SPARC University Workshop Compiler v3.0 and Perl v5.008


CALIFORNIA INSTITUT OF TECHNOLOGY, The Jet Propulsion Laboratory - Pasadena, CA

§ Trained twice on the use of the FTIR102 Field Spectrometer build in New Hampshire by Designs & Prototypes Ltd.
§ Deployed and conceived spectral libraries and reformatted them to a coherent database using Perl on Solaris/Apache.

§ Trained with JPL software and the ASTER team and used VICAR, FESTER, HDF Viewer, and other in-house software


ESRI Seminars, Redlands CA

§ Seminars to ArcIMS - ArcGIS 9

§ Understanding Co-ordinate Systems and Map Projections

§ Customizing ArcMap: Easy Ways to Extend the Interface Workshop


ERDAS Seminars, Liege Belgium and Washington DC

§ Apollo Image Manager seminars August 26th - August 29th 2008

§ Fundamentals of ERDAS Imagine Part I & II between June 11th - June 15th 2007

§ ERDAS and Apollo essentials SDI - Geospatial Data over the Web (ERDAS APOLLO Server)


ARTHUR ANDERSEN, Segovia, Spain and Bitburg, Germany

§ Invitation to attend environmental auditing - FAST I as a co-operative student via Northeastern University

§ Invitation to attend environmental auditing through - FAST II as a co-operative student via Northeastern University


Professional Societies                                                                                                                                             


§ AGU - American Geophysical Union                                                                                                          since 1991
§ ESC - European Seismological Committee                                                                                      since 1990

§ AAG - Association of American Geographers                                                                                             since 1995

§ RSPS - Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society                                                                                 since 1997

§ AGI - Association for Geographic Information (AGI)                                                                                 since 1997
§ IUGG - International Union of Geodesy & Geophysics                                                                   since 1990
§ SEG - Society of Exploration Geophysicists                                                                                                since 1990
§ IAVCEI - International Association of Volcanology & Chemistry of the Earths Interior                  since 1988
§ SIGGRAPH - Association of Computing Machinery - ACM Siggraph                                                        since 2002
§ LAMRUG - Los Angeles Mental Ray User Group                                                                           since 2002
§ ANNALI GEOFISICA - Instituto Nazionale di Geofisica (ING) - Annals of Geophysics                 since 1990
§ GEOFISICA & VULCANOLOGICA - Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia                  since 1990






Consulting – Los Angeles, ca & Abroad                                                                                          2000-2020         


Paranoid FX, Culver City, CA                                                                                                 

§ Called in to trouble shoot Flint/Inferno editing bay (GEN10, AJA, HD Deck, etc)

§ Re-cabled and setup machine room for several project deliverables

GradientFX, Marina Del Rey                                                                                                   

§ Built the tape back up and archiving solution around BruServer on both NAS systems

§ Assessed and helped rebuild the 30TB NAS storage and 25TB mirroring (rsnapshot)

Terra Media Services, Stuttgart, Germany                                                                               

§ Tour de France Productions and 2D and 3D Rendering Pipeline Design

§ Ski Alpine World Cup productions and 2D and 3D Rendering and Pipeline Design

§ 2010 Olympic 3D Terrain Animations and Data processing (Whistler/Vancouver BC)

FloqFX, Culver City                                                                                                                

§ Rebuilt and updated an 80 core renderfarm on Linux Centos 5.5

§ Built RAID5 Storage Systems and installed RUSH renderqueue pipeline

Troika TV, West Hollywood                                                                                                   

§ Developed automated RUSH Maya/Mentalray Pipeline and Scripting to After Effects

§ Built RAID5 Storage Systems and programmed scripts and built / fine-tuned Renderfarm

GeoEye, Dullas Virgina                                                                                                           

§ Developed reseller relationship with Satellite Data and WavGen Incorporated

§ Developed several successful business opportunities resulting in royalties to WavGen Inc,

NavTeq, Chicago                                                                                                                    

§ Developed automated point cloud to polygon conversion software (w/planar mapping)

§ Organized meetings with AutoDesk and technical contracting companies to define work flows

BBC , Wales & London                                                                                                            

§ Processed and Delivered Geospatial WavGen software and a World Landsat Mosaic

§ Implemented GIS and Remote Sensing Software and hardware Infrastructure

StudioGPU & Extra Large Tech, Hollywood CA                                                                      

§ Playmobile Project development and technical pipeline design in production

§ Designed rendering and gaming assets and rendering out 3D animations and 3D props

§ Organized the file naming conventions and Maya Python/Mel scripting in Render queue

Engine Room, Hollywood CA                                                                                                 

§ Delivered environmental 3D assets (Buildings & Terrain) for powers of ten opening shot

§ Designed technical 3D rendering and animation plug-ins (WavGen)




Jorg-Ulrich Mohnen, M.Sc., MBA – 901 North Curson Avenue – West Hollywood California – 90046 - USA